Richard Vickers
Regional Managing Director
Michael Page Finance & Page Personnel Finance

Tom Frost is probably the nicest guy I know!!

However, his pleasant demeanour shouldn't detract from the fact that he is also a tremendous Personal Trainer.

Clearly he practices what he preaches, but it allows him to advise you in all aspects of getting your body and mind in the right place. His knowledge of the human body and what exercises are needed to achieve your goals seem endless. It is through working with Tom, that I have finally rehabilitated the strength in my right knee / leg following multiple knee surgeries. He has genuinely improved my quality of life through guiding me back to strength after two long years of frustration and pain.

Despite, my total lack of self discipline – Tom has worked closely with me, never giving up on the goals of improving my health and body shape. Together, we have achieved positive results and I look forward to each session I have with Tom. That doesn't mean I enjoy them all. In fact, I may be known to hurl abuse in Tom's direction when he pushes me to the limit with his usual line of "Just 3 more reps!". That said, Tom never takes offense. Instead, he just gives you a grin and urges you on to personal best! As a result, I always walk away feeling invigorated and in a positive mindset. Long may it continue

Lisa Carter
Credit Control

I have been training with Tom for almost 2 years and in that time he has changed the way that I exercise and my whole outlook on health and fitness; we have also had several laughs along the way!

Before meeting Tom I had falling in to a training rut and was spending hours in the gym but not seeing the results. By introducing me to my core and weight training my fitness levels have improved and my body shape changed. I've also found competitive streak I didn't know I had and that I really love deadlifts and bench pressing!!!

Polly O'malley

I would highly recommend Tom Frosts services as a personal fitness trainer. We have worked together on my fitness goals for some time and he is always supportive, enthusiastic and dedicated. I have acheived weight loss, pride in my apperance and a new enjoyment in training. Give it a go!

Dr Gareth Ohare

Training with tom on a regular basis has taken my stength and fitness to levels i could never have reached on my own. He really knows how to get the best out of me. And works hard to keep our sessions varied and intersting, whether you are just taking up exercise, or you are looking to take things to the next level, Tom can tailor a programme to meet your needs.

Samantha Spear & Andy Short

After suffering some major physical injuries as a result of a road traffic accident, Tom was introduced to me from my previous trainer as someone else who could tailor a specific and targeted workout regime in order to get the most out of 3 major areas -

1. Strength
2. Balance
3. Flexibility

For the past 18 months I've been working with Tom, he has enabled me to improve in all 3 areas to the point that I am back to the physical condition I was before the accident, and am continuing to improve. Tom enables a lot of input from myself in structuring each workout, and the sessions are always different so that we don't fall into a routine that becomes 'stale'.

As a result of the improvements I've made, my partner has also started using Tom as a personal trainer. A really worthwhile part of our training is combined workouts, where Tom gets us to compete with each other. These sessions are a lot of fun as there is not one, but two people on hand to keep us motivated. Without Tom, we would not have achieved the results we were looking for, and have recommended him to a number of our friends to also use his specialist skills.

Throughout our workouts, Tom shares a lot of information about the body and it's muscles and it's central nervous system so that we can understand why we do the activities he sets out for us. This, combined with his knowledge of dietary requirements, has been extremely beneficial in trying to get a balanced diet to go with the workouts.