Todays workout

Hi guys just an update of today’s workout
Arnold presses 2×10
Clean and press 5×3
Upright rows 2 sets 10 plus additional dropset
Lying laterals

Shrugs 4 sets 12
Deadlifts 2 sets 6

Explosive dips
Trx explosive rows


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6th september

I have absolutely pounded my legs and battered pretty much every muscle today bar arms! My legs are totally shot from heavy leg extensions into frog leg presses! Also after just cable presses, elevated press ups and dips for chest the past month I have boosted my bench press considerably! Lesson there for any of you barbell junkies, you don’t have to stick to conventional strength training to get bigger and stronger!

If your tired of the same old routine remember variety is the spice of life and I’m here to help.

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Tom frost personal trainers training

I just want to keep my bloggers updated with how I am doing

After having a knee injury at the beginning of the year that turned out to be tendonosis of my Biceps femoris from overuse during a depleted stage of my bodybuilding shows while trying to work too many hours.

After rehabilitation exercises and alot of rest, watching my legs atrophy from there biggest state, I felt quite conscious my legs were shrinking but I couldn’t keep training as heavy as I was.

However with my rehab I have been able to introduce some heavier leg training with more stability oriented exercises, for example today I step back lunged 100kg supersetting with leg extensions and leg curls, each week I have improved by at least 5kg so hopefully I will surpass my personal bests.

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My clients

I just want to say a huge thankyou to all my personal training clients for a great week! I train people not only from Leeds but from a multitude of cities and just want to congratulate

Ian for a massive 100kg bench after only 6 weeks of training together, quite an improvement for a marathon runner.

RV for after his multiple cruciate operations to be able to Bulgarian split squat along now with weight! It’s been a struggle but you have stuck by it and we are sure to get you ready for the London to Paris bike ride!

Sam for her persistence with the shoulder injury and we have been able to increase the stability around your shoulder and even got 2 sets of full press ups out tonight.

Andy needs a huge huge shout out for his continual progress! From not being able to lift his arm above his waist to shoulder pressing 15kg a side for 10 sets of 10 is incredible! And there is more to come without a doubt!

Erin Jess and Becky! Spuring ear other on! Each week there is continuous developments, be it getting a few more reps pushing that extra mile.

For my newest clients jen and Amanda keep up the great work! And we will see those dress sizes decreasing in no time.

And for my clients who haven’t had a mention don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you, Beast it next session and give me something to report.


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Welcome to Tom Frost – Personal Training

Welcome to my new website, please leave a comment on how you think things look!

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