Tom Frost Personal Training

Tom Frost

Expert Personal Trainer, Nutritional Specialist & Lifestyle Coach

  • Level 2 certified fitness instructor

  • Level 3 certified personal trainer

  • Diploma in Personal Training and Sports massage

  • First aid at work certified

My style and what I offer

If you read a lot of my testimonials you will see I keep workouts varied, its how I have always trained and will continue to train as it keeps the body responsive and the mind active, I don't like seeing people feeling they are stuck in routine repeating the same workout with no challenge or sense of achievement ahead of them.

I have worked with a multitude of clients wanting totally different goals from general fitness to competing in a 24 hour solid mountain bike race, I work closely with injuries and one of my proudest accomplishments was aiding in the rehabilitation of Andy a coma patient with plates and pins galore holding him together, who has gone blown me away in the determination he has shown to get back on track.

By my own admittance my specialist area is the vanity aspect of training increasing muscle and reducing body fat, I enjoy seeing increases confidence and self worth.

Becoming a personal trainer was my calling card in life, I started my career during my college years as I began training at the on-site gym, shedding 4 stone of body fat by manipulating my diet and training I was no stranger to the gym and became close friends with all the staff, they employed me to help run the gym part time during my studies. I was hooked to guiding others achieve their goals its such a huge amount of job satisfaction as the confidence I see escalate in people is incredible. After deciding University to study mining engineering would be simply be following an academic route and not where my passion was. I embarked on my journey of becoming a personal trainer, I moved away from family and friends to guarantee I could get on the most prestigious and recognised personal training and sports massage course.

And by my 19th birthday I had set up my own business and was operating out of Leeds city centre I have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals and met some truly remarkable people been given some great opportunity's.

My Ethic

Everyone sees the stereotypical trainers on the television with military boot camp styles and feel daunted by the thought of someone shouting and criticising, I believe encouragement goes a long way and feel a much more encouragement based approach is the key, paying complements and praise where its due.

My achievements

As you may have gathered by the images I have competed in Natural Body Building coming 2nd in Yorkshire, qualifying for the British finals then being awarded 2nd in Britain in my category. I was elated with the result for my body building début and will be making a return in a few years.

Body building has such a stigma attached to it due to the excessive use of synthetic drugs producing men and women of monstrous size and proportions that frankly could not be achieved naturally, this was acknowledged by a few federations and they set up natural shows where the competitors are fully tested and polygraph tested (lie detector) issued by WADA the governing body for the majority of sports.

After my body building accomplishment, a supplement company named Extreme nutrition was kind enough to take me onto the team giving me the title as a sponsored athlete.

I secured a column within the Leeds city dweller a Leeds based magazine delivered around the hotspots of Leeds, but also available online . This allows me to captivate a wider audience and give some effective pointers and tips every month.

In my childhood I was introduced to self discipline from an early age in the form of Karate, now I am definitely a lover not a fighter, but I pursued Karate for 10 years achieving a black belt at the young age of 13 and enjoyed the training and the mental approach it required.

My experience and knowledge has been gained through determination, hard work and extensive gym sessions. Through years of training I have been fortunate enough to train with many athletes at the top of their careers, extending my capacity to fluidly mould and adapt to suit a multitude of clientèle.

These athletes include:

  • World champion natural Body builders

  • Iron man world champion

  • British Ladies natural figure champion

  • Rugby league and union players, which I helped coach in diet and training structure

  • Regional champion swimmers

  • Semi Professional cage fighters

Helping my clients achieve their goals is incredibly important to me, and extremely rewarding.

Photo Gallery

National Physique Association - Regional Finals

National Physique Association - British Finals

Video Gallery

My performace at the Natural Physique association finals.

Useful Links

Please take a moment to visit my sponsor, Extreme Nutrition, who offer great products at a competitive price.

I also write articles for City Dweller which is a lifestyle magazine published in Leeds.